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Unit 1: Exploring Linear and Nonlinear Systems of Equations Algebraically and Graphically

Unit 2: Developing and Understanding Quadratic Relations and Equations with Real and Complex Roots

Unit 3: Algebraic Representations of Polynomials

Unit 4: Graphical Representations of Polynomials

Unit 5: Investigate, Explain, Evaluate, and Solve Rational Expressions amd Equations

Unit 6: Understand, Rewrite, and Solve Radical Expressions and Equations

Unit 7: Building an Understanding of Exponential Functions

Unit 8: Building an Understanding of Logarithmic Functions

Unit 9: Identifying and Deriving Series and Sequences

Unit 10: Making Inferences and Conclusions of Real-World Phenomena Using Probability

Unit 11: Making Inferences and Conclusions of Real-World Phenomena Using Statistics

Unit 12: Explore and Understand Trigonometric Functions

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Algebra 2 Common Core Units

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