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Please read this entire section before you start working on this assignment.

Do you think you know how to write linear equations quickly from a graph?

Test your skills in Algebra versus the Cockroaches.

You have two options:

  1. Complete a round first and then complete its related activity below. Make sure you save your game at the end of each round or you will have to start over every time.
  2. Complete the related activity first, then battle the cockroaches.

Having difficulty advancing to the next round?
Have you read the instructions at the beginning of the game?
Have you tried the Hints at the bottom of the game screen?
Have you completed the related activity for that round?

Round 1: Discovering Equations of Horizontal Lines

Round 2: Discovering Equations of Lines through the Origin

Rounds 3-6 : Discovering Equations of Lines not through the Origin



Then, complete Activities 4 and 5.

Activity 4: Axes with Different Scales

Activity 5: Discovering Equations of Vertical Lines


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Finding the Equation of a Line from its Graph


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