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Image of a Rubik's Cube from George Helm's Rubik's Cube
This page contains an online version of the Rubik's Cube that you can spin to solve. In addition, it is a comprehensive site about the Rubik's Cube and all of its variations. If you want to know anything about the cube, you should start here.

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Image of a Sudoku puzzle from Sudoku Live
Play Sudoku online. This site offers many Sudoku puzzles in different levels of difficulty. Choose either kids, easy, medium, or wicked. To play, just type in the numbers in the boxes. Once the puzzle is complete, click on Check Me to see if your solution is correct.

Web Sudoku
This is another site of free online Sudoku puzzles. This site claims to have billions of them organized into easy, medium, hard, and wicked difficulty levels.

Jigsaw Doku
For another variation of Sudoku, try this jigsaw puzzle. You have a choice between a 4x4 or a 6x6 puzzle where you move numbered tiles into the boxes using the same basic directions as Sudoku. However, for the 6x6, the digits range from 1-6 instead of 1-9.
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Image of a Tower of Hanoi puzzle from Mazeworks
Play the Tower of Hanoi online. This peg game asks you to transfer different size discs from one peg to another. The catch is that a larger disc cannot be placed on a smaller disc. Can you do it? The game offers the player a choice of 3-12 discs to transfer.
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