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As you saw in "Paying the Plumber," we can use a system of equations to model real-world situations.

It worked because we had:

We can try to represent other situations using a system of equations.

For example, imagine you owned a movie theater. On Saturday, you played the movie, "Knowing" with Nicholas Cage. Adult tickets cost $8 per person and children's tickets cost $6 per person. You sold a total of 280 tickets and had total ticket sales of $2120. How many of each type of ticket (adult, child) did you selll?

To solve:

  1. Choose meaningful variables to represent the items that you do not know their actual value.
    A - the number of Adult tickets, C - the number of childrens' tickets.
  2. Write two equations. Each equation must use both of the variables above.
    Total number of tickets sold: A + C = 280
    Total ticket sales: 8A + 6C = $2120 ($8 for each adult ticket and $6 for each child's)
  3. Solve using Linear Combinations or Substitution.
  4. Check your answer using Dooley's System Solver. For this system the solution is (220, 60).
  5. Describe what your solution means. In this system, I sold 220 Adult's tickets and 60 children's tickets.


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