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Open the link to practice solving one-step equations. Use the directions from Activity 1: Solving One-Step Equations using Addition and Subtraction.

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Open a new Word document. Copy and paste the questions below into your document.

For each question below, do the following:

A. Using the Equation Buster website, type in each equation.
B. Write what you have to do to both sides to get x by itself.
C. Then, find the value of x.

I realize that you can do all these problems using mental math. However, these problems are easy so that you can get used to using the Equation Buster website and solving equations by doing the same thing to both sides. The problems will become more difficult soon so you need to be confident with these concepts now.

1. 2x = 14

2. 3x = -33

3. x/3 = 10

4. x/5 = 25

5. x/4 = -20

6. 7x = 84

7. 2x = 11

8. 4x = 13

9. x/3.5 = 6

10. x/9.12 = 21

Save your file as yournameOneStepMultiply.doc

Activity 3: Two-Step Equations


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Activity 2: Solving One-Step Equations using Multiplication and Division


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