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After viewing the above video, do the activities below to practice for an online quiz.

While you are taking the online "quiz" at the web site below you will need to write the questions and your answers. Unfortunately, the quiz site will not allow you to copy and paste. So, you will have to type parts of the questions and the answers into your email.

For each question, type:

For example, if question #1 was

Sam opened 5 snack-size bags of Skittles candy one bag at a time. He counted the number of red Skittles that were in each bag. Then, he recorded his results in a table. What is the average number of red Skittles candies?

Bag #1
Bag #1
Bag #1
Bag #1
Bag #1

You would write:

The mean of 5, 7, 9, 4, and 5 is 6.

Take the Quiz at Once you are finished, email me your work.

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