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Every line has an equation. Finding this equation is important because it is often a shortcut for making predictions about data.

For example, imagine you decided to open a savings account. To open the account, you put in $25. Then, every week, you will put in $5. Assuming that you don't take any money out, how much money will you have in your account after one year (52 weeks)? Because the values go up by $5 every time, this situation is linear. Situations are linear if they go up or down by the same amount each time.

There are a number of ways for you to solve this question.

One way, is to start with $25 and just add $5 and another $5 and another $5 and so on, until you have added $5 a total of 52 times.

A second way is to figure out how much money you will have after 1 week, 2 weeks, and 3 weeks. Then, create a table and graph the values. (You will be doing this as part of your activities for this course).

A third way is to find the equation from the situation, the table, or the graph. (You will also be doing this as part of the activities for this course).

Linear Equations Overview

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For each question below, determine whether the situation is linear or not. If it is linear, write "Linear" and explain your choice. If it is not, write "Not Linear" and explain your choice.

1. Your new cell phone plan costs $39 a month and you get 500 free minutes. After that, each additional minute is 3 cents.

2. For every hour you work at McDonald's, you get paid $7.

3. In 6th grade, you grew 2 inches. In 7th grade, you grew 1 inch. In 8th grade, you grew, 1 inch. And, in 9th grade, you grew 3 inches.

4. You received $60 for your birthday. You decide you will spend it only on buying your favorite magazine every month. Each magazine costs $4.

5. A car's speed going from Albuquerque to Santa Fe.


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Linear Equations Overview


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