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Fibonacci Sequence : An unending series of numbers in which each number except for the first two is the sum of the preceding two, e.g. 1,1,2,3,5,8.... 

Fractal : Fragmented geometric shapes that can be subdivided into parts with each part looking similar to the whole (self-similar). You can zoom in on a fractal forever and you will see (at least approximately) the same shape you started with (independent of scale).

Many math structures are fractals, such as the Sierpinski triangle, the Koch snowflake, and the Mandelbrot Set. In addition, fractals also describe many real-world objects such as clouds and mountains.

Function :   An equation where any In (x-value) plugged into the equation will yield exactly one Out (y-value) for the equation.

Golden Rectangle: A rectangle with dimensions that are two consecutive numbers from the Fibonacci sequence such as a base of 3 and a height of 5, a base of 5 and a height of 8, or a base of 8 and a height of 13.




Koch Snowflake: A fractal that can be built by starting with an equilateral triangle. Then, dividing each side into three equal pieces and erasing the middle piece. Next, building another equilateral triangle at the place where the piece was erased, and then repeating the process indefinitely.

Image of stages of building a Koch snowflake from

Mandelbrot Set : A specific type of fractal. When graphed it looks like the image below.

Image of a Mandelbrot Set from

Sierpinski Triangle : A specific type of fractal made from equilateral triangles. When drawn it looks like the image below.

Image of Sierpinksi Triangle from


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