Fractal : Fragmented geometric shapes that can be subdivided into parts with each part looking similar to the whole (self-similar). You can zoom in on a fractal forever and you will see (at least approximately) the same shape you started with (independent of scale).

Many math structures are fractals, such as the Sierpinski triangle and the Koch snowflake (which you will see later), and the Mandelbrot Set in the video on the left. In addition, fractals also describe many real-world objects such as clouds and mountains.

Mandelbrot Set : A specific type of fractal. When graphed it looks like the image below.

Image of a Mandelbrot Set from http://mathworld.wolfram.com/MandelbrotSet.html

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Activity 1: Colored Squares

Activity 2: Sierpinski Triangle

Activity 3: Make a Sierpinski Triangle

Activity 4: Koch Snowflake

Activity 5: Computer-Generated Fractals (Extra Credit)

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