Computer-Based Algebra title
Microsoft Excel icon Open a new Excel document and create the table on the right.
Select all the cells from B4 through E12.

From the top menu, click on Format and select Cells.

From the pop-up menu, select the Number tab. Then, select Number. Make sure the number of decimal places is "0". Click ok.

View the video, Examine the Vast Distances Between Planets in the Solar System and complete the Excel table for the distances from the sun to each planet in kilometers.

Then, use this Length Converter to convert the distances to the appropriate units and complete the table (You can copy and paste these numbers).

Excel table of Planet Distances

As you work, if you get #### in your table, just make the column wider until the numbers appear.

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.We will be using this table for future activities, so attach the file and send it to yourself in an email
and send it to me too.

For the subject of your email, type Planet Distances.

Activity 2: Base 10

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