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Below are activities that allow you to make predictions about what will happen next based on patterns you see in what has happened so far.

When you click on some of the activities, you will be redirected to an online quiz. These are not quizzes that you take for a grade. They are quizzes you take to test your own understanding. Think of them as pre-tests. If you do well, then you know that you understand the material. If you struggle with a quiz, then ask for help. Remember, there is more than one reason that you are having difficulty with a quiz. The problem could be that I created questions that were not clear or that may have more than one answer. If we discuss these questions, we can correct them. Another problem could be that I did not provide you with enough information first. You may just need a little more background information. Another issue could be that parts of the quiz are not displaying correctly so you are unable to see the entire question. Without the entire question displaying, you may be choosing the wrong answer. For these reasons, we need to discuss any question(s) where your answer was marked incorrect.

Activity 1: Growing Dots

Activity 2: Function Machines

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Analyzing Patterns


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