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Your counselor said you have to take math and you won't get a diploma if you don't pass the class. But, why is it necessary anyway?

Can't think of many (or any) reasons? View the video for ideas.



Algebra Units Introduction Questions:

1. Which math skills do you think you will need to know from the video? Explain your choice(s).

2. Think about your past experiences in learning mathematics.

a. Which math concepts do you feel that you have mastered?  (Examples:  addition, multiplication, fractions, decimals, percentages, graphs, solving equations, slope, and so on).

b.  Which math concepts do you feel that you still have difficulty understanding?

3. Now, consider all the classes you have taken over the years, both in mathematics and in other subjects.

a. Think about those classes that were your favorites.  Write a paragraph describing what you enjoyed about these classes.

b. Think about those classes that you did not like.  Write a paragraph describing what you disliked about these classes.


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Open a new Word document. Copy and paste the questions below into your document.
Then, write your answer to each question in the document.

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